Bookish talk – visiting Emma the Little Bookworm

Many thanks to Pauline Barclay at Chill With A Book and Emma Mitchell for spotlighting #chillbooks awardees. I had the opportunity to ‘talk’ to Emma on her blog about the inspiration for For King and Country, the importance of awards like the Chill Readers Award, my other writing, possible future projects, and more. Check it out!

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    What a nice post! I reblogged it on Pen in Hand. What? You don’t like pineapple on pizza? (It’s okay, but forgettable!) We may be going to Omaha on Thursday, but I will let you know. A last blast summer trip!

    Hope you are having a grand day!


    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks so much for re-posting, Cathy. Actually, I dislike mushrooms and anchovies on pizza more than pineapple 🙂

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