Betrayal, treachery, treason, deceit, perfidy—all names for the calculated violation of trust. And it’s been rife since humans trod the earth.

A promise broken – A mission betrayed – A lover’s desertion – A parent’s deception – An unwitting act of treason – Betrayal by comrades – Betrayal by friends

“The remarkable diversity of the stories make this anthology a gripping read…[and] showcases some of the best writing in historical fiction today.”
– Sharon Bennett Connolly, author of Ladies of Magna Carta

Could you resist the forces of misplaced loyalty, power hunger, emotional blackmail, or plain greed? Is there ever redemption, or will the destruction visit future generations and even alter history? These questions are still with us today.

Read twelve tales by twelve accomplished writers who explore these historical yet timeless challenges from post Roman Britain to the present day.