Merry Christmas to You


May you have a wonderful holiday season
and the best to you & yours in 2019. 

I hope you enjoyed Helen Hollick’s short story extravaganza on Discovering Diamonds this month featuring stories from more than 20 writers. Scroll down for the list of authors and links! I contributed this contemporary Christmas-themed story – Love in 140 – and I’m making it available for you to download as epub or Kindle format. Enjoy!

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The Full List of Authors

1st       Philip K. Allan  
2nd      J J Toner       
3rd       Catherine Kullman   
4th      Helen Hollick               
5th       Richard Tearle   
6th       Barbara Gaskell Denvil 
7th       Nicky Galliers 
8th       Angela Macrae Shanks          
9th      Katherine Pym 
10th      J G Harlond  
11th      Anna Belfrage
12th      Richard Dee 
13th      Inge H. Borg
14th      Annie Whitehead
15th      Louise Adam
16th      Charlene Newcomb 
17th      Alison Morton                      
18th      Kathryn Gauci
19th      Helen Hollick 
20th     M.J. Logue
21st      Helen Hollick 
22nd     Cryssa Bazos              
23rd      Jennifer Wilson                       
24th      Elizabeth St John  writing as Julia Darke
26th      Helen Hollick

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