Release Day – Swords of the King

SOTK_full_revised_v2 500x

Let it be known, Book III of Battle Scars,
Swords of the King, is now available in ebook and print formats on Amazon.

Get your copy now at

Swords of the King can be read as a standalone, but continues Henry & Stephan’s story from Battle Scars I & II, Men of the Cross and For King and Country. Swords is set during the turbulent final years of the reign of Richard I of England, the Lionheart.

The kidnapping of the king’s former sister-in-law sets off a chain of events that entangle knights Henry de Grey and Stephan l’Aigle in politics and intrigue, treason . . . and murder.

What begins as escort duty for the knights becomes a chase through the Norman countryside on the trail of her son, the young duke Arthur. Assassins want him—and the knights—dead.

If assassins’ blades don’t kill them, King Richard’s war to recover his continental domains from France just might. Former enemies, like the king’s brother, are now allies. Can they be trusted?

Warriors. Heroes. Traitors. Spies . . . Lovers. 

Henry and Stephan will risk their honor and the trust of the king to protect Duke Arthur. They will fight treachery and brave bloody battles, see war in all its horror, and fight their fears of losing each other, all the while keeping their forbidden love secret.

Buy it now on Amazon. The Box Set, Books I – III, is also available.

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