GRL Retreat Blog Tour

DKu6rG9UEAA20HoI am visiting Alpha Book Club today as part of their blog tour for featured and supporting authors at the upcoming GRL Retreat. If you want to know more about my writing and my discovery of GRL, check out my post.

What is GRL? It’s a retreat for readers and writers, bringing together “people who create and celebrate LGBT romance.”

Many thanks to GRL and all the featured bloggers who are hosting authors in these weeks preceding the conference. You can find all the Alpha Book Club guest author bloggers at


men_full-sideCharlene Newcomb is currently working on Book III of Battle Scars, 12th century historical fiction filled with war, political intrigue, and a knightly romance of forbidden love set during the reign of Richard the Lionheart. There will be more to come, so sign up for Char’s Newsletter. It will be used – sparingly – to offer exclusive content and and to let you be the first to know about special offers.

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