Discovering 12th Century Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle c. 1189-2

“Richard arrived at the siege of Nottingham in a black mood and his first act was to set up an enormous gallows beneath the walls.”
— Richard Coeur de Lion by P. Henderson

Line drawing is copyright The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire. Used with permission.

Earlier this week I was a guest at Catherine Curzon’s blog. In An American in Nottingham: Writing Robin Hood at Nottingham Castle, I talk about being a tourist vs. researcher and learning about the history of Nottingham Castle. I hope you will stop by Catherine’s blog. You can also read more about the Castle and see some great photos (if I do say so myself) on this post.

On a fun note, it was great to see my article retweeted by the folks at the Castle!



Charlene Newcomb is the author of the Battle Scars series, 12th century historical fiction filled with war, political intrigue, and a knightly romance of forbidden love set during the reign of Richard the Lionheart. She also writes sci fi/space opera filled with rebels and traitors, battles and romance, in Echoes of the Storm, set in a galaxy far, far away (but no, this one isn’t Star Wars) .

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