Cover reveal – For King and Country

I am thrilled to finally share the book cover for Book II of Battle Scars, For King and Country. with you!
king and country_full-2._with blue color burn

Many thanks to Travis at for being patient and working through my list of suggestions. As we decided on the initial concept, which obviously needed a similar look to Book I, Men of the Cross, I realized that if I displayed the covers side by side, it would be cool to line up the red ribbons and the lettering. Travis had the castle on a flat plain behind the knights, but I wanted it on a hill. You can thank my friend Mick for suggesting a little blue for the clouds to complement the dust storm of Book I, and for son Joel for showing me what that might look like on the final cover. Isn’t it great?


Watch for a Kindle Countdown in March for Men of the Cross. You’ll have time to read it and then sign up for a giveaway for For King and Country. Once I have the print proofs in hand, I plan to announce a publication date.

The story – For King and Country (Battle Scars II)

England 1193
Civil war threatens as battle-scarred knight Henry de Grey returns from the Crusades. King Richard languishes in captivity, a prisoner of the Holy Roman Emperor. Traitors to the crown pit Henry and his friends against dangerous and unknown enemies.

Loyalties will be tested, families torn apart. Friend or foe? It is hard to tell one from the other.

The king’s brother John and his allies plot to usurp Richard’s throne. With the knights Sir Stephan and Sir Robin, Henry fights for king and country. But he must keep his feelings for Sir Stephan l’Aigle secret. Sure as arrow or sword, their forbidden love could destroy him.

War, political intrigue and passion… heroes… friends and lovers… and the seeds for a new Robin Hood legend await you…

For King and Country can be read as a stand-alone.


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