Interview with Author Steven A. McKay

rotw-final-final3In honor of Steven’s publication of book 3 of his Robin Hood series, Rise of the Wolf, I am reposting the interview I did with him last fall.

Charlene Newcomb

Stephen A. McKayI am delighted to have Steven A. McKay, author of bestselling novels Wolf’s Head and The Wolf and the Raven, visit with me today. Steven introduced me – and thousands of other readers I imagine – to Robin Hood in 14th century Yorkshire. Wait! What happened to the Sheriff of Nottingham? I’ll let Steven talk about his research and writing, and maybe I will get some insight about self-publishing from this indie author who is rocking the Amazon charts.

CN: Welcome, Steven! Let’s jump right in. Why Robin Hood in the 14th century? 

SM: When I started researching the Robin Hood legend I found out there was quite a lot of evidence that the “real” man had lived around that period. The ballads mention things that fit with the early 14th century and, to be honest, I was very pleased to find that out as it allowed me to put a new spin…

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