Things I collect…

What obsess—er, collections do you have? I am quite purposeful in my collecting, though I don’t look to collect things with an aim to leave fabulous treasures or wealth to my heirs. (Sorry, kids.) I collect items that make me smile, bring back a memory. Things that can be used or played with.

I have keychains…

2014 keychains SW 2014 keychains ukand coffee mugs…

2014 mugs uk 2014 mugsand Fetts and R2-D2s…

2014 boba collection 2014 R2D2sDid I make you smile? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Things I collect…

  1. Yep, I smiled. Great collections. Love the Fetts and the R2-D2s. I don’t collect anything these days, other than piles of school books and dubious art work from my two boys.

  2. Awesome collections!!! I am a collector too–from collectible plates, Dala horses, thimbles, milk bottles, HP stuff, Americana, fridge magnets, spoons, um… I can’t remember them all. 🙂

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