crossing the Plains…

PikiWiki Israel 10946 Olives trees in Ramle

מרכז להבה רמלה [CC-BY-2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The Plains of Ramla that is…

Battle Scars: Men of the Cross
(book 1 of a series)
Revisions progress:  73%

Richard the Lionheart’s army crossed the Plains of Ramla (or Ramula) twice: Nov. 1191-Jan. 1192, and again in the late spring of 1192.  Chroniclers mention the severe weather that winter. The crusaders endured rain, hail, gale-strength winds, sleet, and snow. Their mail rusted, food rotted. Soldiers deserted & the French withdrew their support. Saladin destroyed towns and fortifications along the Crusader’s route to Jerusalem in a scorched Earth strategy. Morale plummeted, especially after Richard ordered a retreat back to the coast. Would the Crusaders see Jerusalem?

As you’ll see in Battle Scars, the men of Richard’s army – and my main characters, Sir Henry & Sir Stephan – have sacrificed, lost so much of themselves in the months after the siege of Acre. How will the King’s decision affect them? I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

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