Mom’s spaghetti sauce

Thinking about Christmas traditions, including dinner… so I thought I’d repost Mom’s meat sauce recipe. Enjoy!

Charlene Newcomb

I mentioned some family traditions in my post last week. That made me think about Mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe. That’s what I call it. She called it her “meat sauce” recipe. I had to dig through old recipe files to find my copy of it. I was in near-panic mode when it didn’t turn up in the 3 card files I have. I started sifting through cookbooks, hoping I’d used it as a bookmark. I have a lot of cookbooks – I know, surprising for someone who doesn’t cook very often. Finally, after a 30 minute search,  I found the 2 sauce-stained cards tucked into a pocket of a 3 ring binder. Whew. Well used meat sauce recipe

I haven’t made the recipe in years – even Mom started doctoring bottled sauce by the time she hit her late 70s. I’m certain many cooks continue to make their own so I thought I’d share…

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