work in progress Wednesday… The End

Nottingham Castle
TitleBattle Scars: For King and Country
(book 2 of a series)
Word count: @109,780 words

It is done.

Time to rest, but only for a few days. I’ll start revisions to Book 1 this weekend. I haven’t looked at Men of the Cross since mid-August, except to share the opening with my MOOC classmates in Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction, and with Janice Hardy, who will graciously provide her feedback in her column, Real Life Diagnostics, later this month or in December. Eeeek!

So I’ll leave you on this note with the siege of Nottingham Castle, which sets the stage for the climax of my novel:

“The apparent refusal of the Nottingham Castle garrison to seek out Richard to treat with him and obtain his terms angered the king: “But those who were in the castle of Nottingham did not send anyone to meet the king. Whereof, the king, angry, came to Nottingham on 25th March with so great a multitude of men and the sound of horns and trumpets, that those who were in the castle, hearing and seeing this, were astonished, perturbed [and] upset; fear overcame them and yet they were unable to believe that the king had come but hoped that all this [noise] was being made by the leaders (principibus) of the army to have sport with them (ad illudendum eis)”” –by Trevor Foulds quoting chronicler Roger de Hoveden; In Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Vol. 95 (1991)

7 thoughts on “work in progress Wednesday… The End

  1. Typing The End is a very satisfying feeling and, often, one of relief. Well done you! And good luck with your revisions to book one. I’m looking forward to reading the end result. Will you have printed copies as well as an ebook version? I only ask because I don’t have, or particularly want, a kindle or any other e-reader but I’d very much like to buy a copy of your book when it’s finally on sale.

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