Thursday’s walk on the blog side…

This week’s walk includes a brief look over the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Have you been there? What a magnificent sight. Just watch out for the attack squirrels!

The Grand Canyon

What places are on your travel “wish list”? In the U.S., I still need to see Yosemite and Glacier National Parks. I want to ride the train through the Canadian Rockies. Those are tops on my list for North American travel. Someday…  Next week, we’ll talk about the rest of the world!

But in the meantime, have a look at some of the stories I’ve read this last week:

Book Release: Tales of the Fiction House by Raji Singh
Do you like 1001 Nights? The Canterbury Tales? Then rush right over to Amazon and buy this book. Now. Hurry. Let Raji take you away to a world of the most colorful characters and their fascinating tales. Author Singh is a superb storyteller. I know. I’ve been in a writing group with him these last 3 years. Your imagination will soar with every word on the page. (And follow his blog where he’ll be posting more tales!)

No, You Shouldn’t Send Your Tweets to Faceback via Nathan Bransford
What? Really? Lazy? Hm… Okay, FB friends – does it annoy you to see #hashtags in my FB posts? I use Hootsuite to cross-post from Twitter to my FB page because I bet fewer than 1 dozen of my FB friends follow me @charnewcomb. I also post things to FB that don’t show up on Twitter. Sure, I could copy/paste my tweet. Nathan notes that if you x-post it shows your FB friends that you aren’t really there, so there’s no interaction. But I get notified every time someone comments or likes my FB posts. I respond to comments. And, I’m more likely to show up in your Newsfeed if you ‘like’ or comment on my posts so you might be missing me if I use the x-post feature. I am NOT on FB all the time anyway! If I had a fan page I might think differently, but I’d be getting ahead of myself to set one of those up. Let’s see if I sell any books first! 🙂

Sarah Woodbury writes about Westminster Palace
My Crusader knights might be in London at some point. I can’t have them wandering through the Queen’s Chapel when it didn’t exist in the 1190s! I’ve bookmarked this site that has a bit of history of the Palace with a great link to a site that includes an animated video and floor plans showing the various additions over the centuries. Way cool.

How to Legally Use Your Own Photos on Your Blog by Marcy Kennedy
I tend to use my own pictures on my blog and hadn’t considered a few of the points made by Marcy. Good reading, and something everyone – not just writers – should know.

Happy reading! Now back to the 12th century.


  1. Raji Singh Avatar

    Thank you, Char! This is a wonderful review. Very thoughtful, heartfelt, and well-written. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Raji

  2. Marie Loughin Avatar

    I think you’re okay cross-posting if that’s not all you do. If you had a lot of avid followers (like Nathan), where many follow you on both Facebook and Twitter, then it’s worth figuring out different uses for the two social media.

    And Roger that on Raji Singh’s book — it’s a winner!

    1. Char Avatar

      FYI… I manually loaded this post as my FB status today rather than have it auto-pushed through WordPress’ FB connect. Is it a coincidence that I had more referrers from FB than I think I’ve ever had? I’ll be repeating this with future posts.

      And yeah, I agree with you about using social media differently if you have a fanbase following you in multiple places.

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