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A post from Warrior Muse about Teaser Tuesdays reminded me of memes that always pop up on Facebook:

  • Grab a book you are currently reading
  • Open to a find a random page
  • Write the first sentence on that page

ProfHacker mentioned a similar strategy, using this as an exercise to get your own creative juices going when you are struggling to write.

So, here goes…   (2 sentences even!)

Warwick Castle

“The postulant was given a ceremonial bath, after which he spent the night in the chapel, watching beside his armor. Then he was clad in rich robes, the gift of the man who was to knight him, and the sword of knighthood was girded about his waist.”
John, King of England, by John T. Appleby

This is from a biographical work about King John of Magna Carta fame. Don’t those lines conjure up vivid images? A darkened room, lit by candlelight. The Church’s role in life in the Middle Ages. Camelot. Castles. Knights and ladies. The pageantry of life at court. Though based on my research of this time period for some historical fiction I hope to publish next year, it certainly doesn’t sound very glamorous. My knights are Crusaders who serve Richard the Lionheart. Their story will be about the scars they carry. Of the heat, the stink of death, and pitched battles. (What pleasant thoughts, eh?)

So, pick up the book you’re reading, choose a random page, and add a line or two from the page in the comments here.  What other images do you think of when you read those lines?

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    “Harry,” Jake said, sighing. “The conflict between light and darkness rages on so many levels that you literally could not understand it all.”
    – From “Side Jobs,” by Jim Butcher

    What do I think of when I read those randomly selected sentences? In a nutshell, Lord of the Rings. Every character seems to be in a battle with the darker side of himself (or, rarely, herself). Kingdoms battle rot from within and without. And all of the kingdoms together battle the darkness of Mordor. That’s a lot of levels.

    1. Char Avatar

      Definitely a powerful line with a lot of meaning! Thanks for sharing.

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