• Guest post – Annie Whitehead: When Research Means Leaving Well Enough Alone

    Guest post – Annie Whitehead: When Research Means Leaving Well Enough Alone

    Welcome to Annie Whitehead, well-known author and historian. Annie’s works of fiction and non-fiction center on pre-conquest England. I’m delighted to have Annie writing today about historical research. Take it away, Annie! My latest novel is Book 2 of 2 in the Tales of the Iclingas series, which began with Cometh the Hour and the […]

  • Guest post – Anne Barwell celebrates Comes a Horseman

    I’m delighted to welcome Anne Barwell to the blog to talk about the re-release of Comes a Horseman, the 3rd and final book in her WWII Echoes Rising series. Take it away, Anne! Pawn Takes Knight As a chess player I’ve played against opponents who prefer to methodically wipe other players from the board, but […]

  • Longlisted for CYGNUS Book Awards for Science Fiction

    I am thrilled to announce that Echoes of the Storm has been longlisted by Chanticleer Book Reviews for their 2021 CYGNUS Award. “These titles have moved forward in the judging rounds from all 2021 CYGNUS Science Fiction entries … [and] are now in competition for 2021 Cygnus Shortlist.”  Forty-two books made the long list, so I […]

  • Historical Fiction Promo

    14 authors. 14 fabulous #lgbtq romance reads. Men of the Cross is on sale for $1.99 until August 11. They risk their lives for the king.Will they risk their hearts and souls for each other?

  • Research snippets – King John

    King John didn’t wait long after agreeing to the provisions of Magna Carta to begin plotting revenge on his rebellious barons. Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in June 1215, and shortly thereafter, King John “sent letters to all the governors of his castles throughout England, ordering them each and all to furnish their castles […]

  • Talking about the book: The Rush’s Edge by Ginger Smith

    Title: The Rush’s EdgeAuthor: Ginger Smith A bit about the authorGinger teaches high school English, but has managed a book store and worked in a record store. She’s a gamer, with a collection of RPG books and sci fi novels, of course. She’s written fantasy, including her first book which – she claims – will never […]

  • Special guest post – M.K. Tod: Inspiration comes in many flavors

    I am delighted to welcome M.K. Tod to my blog today to celebrate the release of Paris in Ruins. Mary and I met at the Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver in 2015 and have been running into each other and hanging out on social media for at least that long. Welcome, Mary, and thank […]

  • Talking about the book: Shrouded Loyalties by Reese Hogan

    Title: Shrouded LoyaltiesAuthor: Reese Hogan A bit about the authorReese Hogan is a nonbinary transmasc science fiction author from New Mexico. Reese has published three novels, and the latest, Shrouded Loyalties from Angry Robot, was a Best SFF of August 2019 pick by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. –from the author’s Goodreads page The book taglineA […]

  • Revisiting Swords of the King – an excerpt & more…

    I know new readers rightly want to start with the first book in any series, but how about a short excerpt from Book III? No spoilers to speak of – no explanation needed. This is the opening of Chapter 9. Take a peek… MARCH 1196John’s camp, Normandy The River Seine sparkled. It snaked around the […]