New year, new website, and The New book

Welcome 2023! Real life sent me on a wild ride in 2022. I sold my house in Kansas, which I’d been in since 2000, and moved to what I’ll call a ‘family compound’ in Louisiana at the end of July. The inspector’s report left us working with contractors for months – new septic system, upgraded electrical and plumbing, and more. And I was intent on pursuing major renovations to the kitchen, bathroom, and great room of my place.

Before & after… work from late September through mid-January – and it’s awesome!

Needless to say, my writing time suffered. It’s February. Most of the renovations are done. Hallelujah! But the week of the 20th, the last project of this year (I think) gets underway – a door where there is none now. (More on that in another post.)

On Writing

I am getting closer to my normal writing schedule which used to be mornings, Monday-Thursday, and Saturday-Sunday. Coffee shops are still my favorite writing habitats. I’ve found some very nice places here in LA, but most are 15-20 minute drives, compared to 5-7 in MHK. My favorite spot at home is in my kitchen, where I can look out on mature trees and only see the roof of the neighbor’s house because it’s winter.

The Website Update

I escaped some of the renovation drama and visited family in Washington and Colorado November 9 – January 8. It’s not easy to concentrate on writing when there are grandbabies and their parents to visit. Revamping the website meant migrating to a new host, updating pages, migrating images, and checking over the 400+ posts I’ve done since 2011! I hope you like the new look!

The new book

Rogue is coming this year. I promise! Based on critique partners and beta readers feedback, I’m putting final touches on the novel. I do have a major rewrite of Chapter One yet to start in the next week or two, and need to work on my author’s note. I’ve given some information to Cathy at Avalon Graphics on the cover design. I may be overly ambitious and Cathy may need to rein me in, but we’ll be talking extensively toward the end of March/early April.

Newsletter subscribers will get a sneak peak at the cover when it’s ready.

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