• Historical Fiction Promo

    14 authors. 14 fabulous #lgbtq romance reads. Men of the Cross is on sale for $1.99 until August 11. They risk their lives for the king.Will they risk their hearts and souls for each other?

  • Diamond Tales – December 3 – 23 – on Discovering Diamonds

    Author Helen Hollick is known around historical fiction circles as a wonderful inspiration and supporter of fellow authors and new novelists. Helen’s work as indie review editor for the Historical Novel Society (HNS) gave indie writers like me the opportunity to have my first medieval book reviewed for HNS. Helen runs her own review site now, […]

  • Men of the Cross – sale July 28-29

    Two Day Sale on Amazon (U.S.) Get Men of the Cross for $1.99 (ebook) Why do you want to pick up Men of the Cross for this great low price? Well, it’s cheaper than that latte at the local coffee shop and will stick with you a lot longer! And Book II of the Battle Scars series is now available. […]

  • Holiday Historical Fiction Blowout – 8 Authors, 8 Days, 8 Great Sales!

    Get swept away toAncient Greece, the Roman Empire (past & present),the Crusades, the War of the Roses, the Regency era, and the Golden Age of Piracy.Eight authors share the history and setting of their books.Be sure to follow the links after my post toread all the authors’ posts and then go pick up a great readfor […]

  • L.Q. revisited…

    I read about as slowly as I write. There was a time I could devour a novel  in 3-4 days. Wish I had those kind of days now.  But come to think of it, I wasn’t writing when I read at that pace. So why does this post include a picture my son took at […]

  • How’s my L.Q.?

    Kristen Lamb* has a great post on 10 Ways to Improve Your “Likeability Quotient“. “…likability on social media is so crucial to marketing. We are no longer selling stories…we are selling ourselves, which just confirms for me that writers really are the oldest profession in the world. “ I’ve been a heavy user of social […]

  • I will not be one of those writers…

    “I get very confused when a writer with a few hundred friends on Facebook and Twitter thinks that repeating the publication of their book over and over and over and over will make them more than a handful of sales. And fewer friends.” —Dean Wesley Smith Words to remember. Okay…I am months away from placing […]