• Revisiting Swords of the King – an excerpt & more…

    I know new readers rightly want to start with the first book in any series, but how about a short excerpt from Book III? No spoilers to speak of – no explanation needed. This is the opening of Chapter 9. Take a peek… MARCH 1196John’s camp, Normandy The River Seine sparkled. It snaked around the […]

  • Bleak Midwinter Quiltbag Funfest: Eleven Pipers Piping

    Authors from the QUILTBAG Historicals Facebook group are brightening this bleak midwinter with excerpts and more based (loosely – very loosely) on “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Join the group, which is an inclusive queer historical fiction group of readers and writers celebrating LGBTQ-focused works, and read some wonderful excerpts. There is a fantastic giveaway, so sign […]

  • #DiamondTales – Diamonds in the Desert

    My contribution to #DiamondTales on Discovering Diamonds is an excerpt from Men of the Cross, a glimpse of war, love, hope, and friendship during the Third Crusade. The scene takes place in June 1192, twelve miles from Jerusalem. Diamond Tales ran from December 3 – 23 and features a variety of authors. I hope you […]

  • Diamond Tales – December 3 – 23 – on Discovering Diamonds

    Author Helen Hollick is known around historical fiction circles as a wonderful inspiration and supporter of fellow authors and new novelists. Helen’s work as indie review editor for the Historical Novel Society (HNS) gave indie writers like me the opportunity to have my first medieval book reviewed for HNS. Helen runs her own review site now, […]

  • Excerpt from For King and Country

    Henry tried to shut out Marian and Robin’s voices as he and Stephan left. The wooden stairs creaked beneath their feet. At the landing, Henry heard Hugh settling his father for the night. Edward’s muffled laugh sounded, familiar and comforting, reminiscent of days long past. Candlelight flickered beneath Bea’s door. She was singing softly, a […]

  • Excerpt from For King and Country

    Chapter 1 Drums. Dear God, not the drums. Henry de Grey shuddered and blinked against the mid-afternoon sun. Streaks of light shimmered through the trees like blades of a hundred broadswords. Stephan l’Aigle stirred beside the young knight, but then lay still, like Henry, listening. At the water’s edge, the knights’ horses perked their ears. […]