• Historical Stories of Exile

    Historical Stories of Exile

    New release – a collection of short stories by thirteen award-winning authors.

  • Betrayal is here!

    Betrayal, treachery, treason, deceit, perfidy—all names for the calculated violation of trust. And it’s been rife since humans trod the earth. A promise brokenA mission betrayedA lover’s desertionA parent’s deceptionAn unwitting act of treasonBetrayal by comradesBetrayal by friends Could you resist the forces of misplaced loyalty, power hunger, emotional blackmail, or plain greed? Is there ever…

  • Cover Reveal – Betrayal is coming

    A promise broken. A mission betrayed. Betrayal is coming! Find out what treachery lies behind the cover. Meet the authors, hang out, and ask questions on our Facebook group. We’ll introduce the authors beginning Monday, October 19, and then post teasers about the stories of Betrayal. From our Press Release New Historical Fiction Collective Launches…