Battle Scars I: Men of the CrossPraise for Men of the Cross

“The author draws a vivid picture of the Third Crusade . . .  filled with excitement, passion, and plenty of action.”
–Professor Andrew Latham, author of The Holy Lance

“… a wide-sweeping historical novel, full of vivid detail, action and an intricate plot combined with an M/M romance with all the emotional tug-o-war needed.”
Mark at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

“Newcomb . . . explores issues of sexuality and social mobility in an era when rigid rules governed even the most private aspects of people’s lives and tells a compelling love story against the backdrop of both tedious army life and terrifying battle.”
–Deborah Bogen, author of The Aldinoch Chronicles

“It takes guts to approach such myths as Richard Lionheart and the events of the Third Crusade. It takes considerable skill and imagination to twist the story somewhat, thereby bringing something new to the table. Ms Newcomb does just that. . .”
–Anna Belfrage, award-winning author of The Graham Saga

“…a resounding, epic novel of love and war… The love affair and the associated conflict that drives the story are handled exceedingly well…”
–Lex Allen, author of Imagine Trilogy

“Midst war atrocity and soldier camaraderie, [the knights] force themselves to question their own stolid values and their relationships. Their life and lifestyle decisions are as hard fought as those of the battlefield.”
–Mark Rogers, author, editor at Fiction House Publishing

 Sweeping battles, forbidden love, and 2 knights fighting for Richard the Lionheart
A 2014 B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree and Readers’ Favorite
Buy the book: Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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king and country_smallPraise for For King and Country

2016 B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree
HNS Editors Choice
Finalist, Chaucer Awards for pre-1750 Historical Fiction
Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest Self Published ebooks

“A breathtaking gallop through Richard the Lionheart’s England.”–Sharon Bennett Connolly at The Review

“…we realise the exhilaration we felt in Men of the Cross when Henry and Stephen finally admitted their feelings may be fleeting as the pressures and impediments to their love become clear…  With a blistering siege scene, daring escapes and a truly dastardly villain there is something for everyone here.”thurinius (aka author LJ Trafford)

“Ms Newcomb has stepped outside the normal restrictions imposed on novels set in these times in that her Henry and Stephan are not only comrades in arms, they are lovers. In a sequence of beautiful scenes, she breathes careful life into their passion, moments of tenderness and love that make it abundantly clear theirs is not a short-term relationship, theirs is the love of a lifetime… Beautifully written, chock-full of historical details imparted elegantly throughout, For King and Country is a compelling and wonderful read.”–author Anna Belfrage

And  three 5 star reviews at Readers Favorites.

Available in print and for Kindle on Amazon. Free on Kindle Unlimited.


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