Works in Progress

book cover blank
Swords of the King (Battle Scars III)

Cover reveal coming soon!

Expected publication: Summer 2018

The turbulent final years of the reign of Richard I, the Lionheart, provide the backdrop of Battle Scars III. Lovers Henry de Grey and Stephan l’Aigle serve King Richard in Normandy as he re-takes territory – his birthright – from Philip II of France.

The knights’ friend, Sir Robin, is Richard’s spy in Count John’s camp. Richard and his brother may be allies, and John has sworn fealty to Richard . . . but can he be trusted?

Politics, intrigue, murder . . . Treason.

*   *   *

Passages: A Knight’s Tale
Stephan l’Aigle is the third son of a Yorkshire baron with no hopes of inheriting land or titles, probably a good thing as he has no interest in women, nor any desire to marry or produce heirs. Stephan finds pleasure in the arms of other men. Eighteen years old and recently knighted, he must make his living on the tournament circuit or by hiring out his services. His life will be forever changed when Richard, Duke of Aquitaine, sees his skills in battle.

This short story is a prequel to Men of the Cross.

*   *   *

Echoes of the Storm

What happens when the leader of the underground turns out to be a double agent?

A science fiction novel. First draft of this tale of double cross and betrayals has been ‘resting’ on my hard drive for 6 years. I got wrapped up in Family Peace & my crusaders novels but will get back to this at some point in the future.

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