• Author Interview: Helena P. Schrader

    “..Jerusalem was lost. The site of Christ’s Passion. The home of the Holy Sepulcher. Lost. What was there left to fight for?”–Envoy of Jerusalem It is the year 1187. Saladin has crushed Christian forces at the Battle of Hattin and secured almost every city in the Kingdom of Jerusalem for his own, including Jerusalem. Author […]

  • Men of the Cross – sale July 28-29

    Two Day Sale on Amazon (U.S.) Get Men of the Cross for $1.99 (ebook) Why do you want to pick up Men of the Cross for this great low price? Well, it’s cheaper than that latte at the local coffee shop and will stick with you a lot longer! And Book II of the Battle Scars series is now available. […]

  • Excerpt from Men of the Cross

    Book II? Well, I can’t buy that because I haven’t read Book I. Of course, I would love you to read both Battle Scars books, though I think – as does at least 1 reviewer – that For King and Country will work as a stand-alone. But let me entice you with a scene from Book […]

  • The Lionheart’s fleet arrives in Acre, June 1191

    King Richard I of England had mustered his troops in March 1190 in Tours (now part of France) and set out for the Holy Land to answer the Pope’s call for the Third Crusade. After wintering in Messina, Sicily, his fleet – some 200 vessels strong – sailed east. Storms made the journey harrowing and […]

  • Historical Nottingham, York, and more – blog trotting adventures

    “A breathtaking gallop through Richard the Lionheart’s England.”–Sharon Bennett Connolly on The Review blog The knights have returned from the crusade to the Holy Land in For King and Country and face enemies at home that will take them from Lincolnshire to York to Nottingham, climaxing with the siege of Nottingham in 1194. Writing about these […]

  • Special Kindle Countdown Deal – Men of the Cross

      As a lead up to publication of For King and Country – coming your way on May 2 – Men of the Cross is part of Kindle Countdown Deal beginning at 8am (ET) today on Amazon. Get Men of the Cross for 99c/99p now. But don’t wait. The price will rise incrementally from April 25 […]

  • Third Crusade history – my guest post on English Historical Fiction Authors

    In the year 1191, on the 7th day of September, a decisive battle was fought between Christian and Muslim armies. On this 824th anniversary, join me on English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) for “The Bloodiest Day of the Third Crusade: Richard I and Saladin at the Battle of Arsuf.“ Photo By Eloi Firmin Feron (1802-1876) (de:wiki) […]

  • Third Crusade history – my guest post on English Historical Fiction Authors

    10 July 1190 A day that could have changed the course of English history. Join me on English Historical Fiction Authors for The Third Crusade: an Early Mishap at Lyon ><><><><><><><><><><><><

  • Men of the Cross – Book Review & Giveaway

    Reviewer Sharon Bennett Connolly offers an insightful look at Men of the Cross at The Review. What a wonderful way to start my day. “The long and winding journey of the Lionheart’s crusade…is skillfully re-told in such a way that you will feel the highs and lows – the joys and desperation – and the excitement of two […]