• Historical Fiction outside the box

    Historical Fiction outside the box

    If you like the creative and the unconventional, check out these intriguing tales with diverse representations of places, time, and peoples.

  • Too graphic? Second guessing the words you write

    One of the ideas behind publishing the anthology Betrayal was to introduce readers to authors they may know little about. Twelve stories – 12 authors – multiple time periods. A tasty treat, right? Sample the works, find a new author to read. My contribution to the anthology is “A Knight’s Tale.” This prequel to Men […]

  • Medieval man, sex, and mortal sin in Men of the Cross

    A friend recently asked, “Why did you choose to write this story?” It’s a common question for writers. Many writers pen what they’d like to read. There is something inside our brains that drives an idea that we must bring to life. Of course, I knew what my friend really meant: Why did I decide […]

  • it’s done! (where have you heard that before?)

    I am shipping Battle Scars to writer/editor Marie today.  The university’s closure with two(!!) snow days allowed me to tweak the opening of the novel one last time. I previously outlined all the work yet to be done, but I am shooting for an April launch. Plan to meet the young knight Henry de Grey. […]

  • Thursday’s Walk on the blog side…

    And we’re back in Cornwall this week for another incredible view. I know we’re supposed to be walking, but I could sit here and stare at this magnificent view forever. *sigh* BLOG HIGHLIGHTSKristine Kathryn Rusch talks about the incredibly unbelievable world of traditional publishing and royalty statements. Writers who are “lucky” enough to go traditional […]