• Too graphic? Second guessing the words you write

    One of the ideas behind publishing the anthology Betrayal was to introduce readers to authors they may know little about. Twelve stories – 12 authors – multiple time periods. A tasty treat, right? Sample the works, find a new author to read. My contribution to the anthology is “A Knight’s Tale.” This prequel to Men […]

  • Medieval man, sex, and mortal sin in Men of the Cross

    A friend recently asked, “Why did you choose to write this story?” It’s a common question for writers. Many writers pen what they’d like to read. There is something inside our brains that drives an idea that we must bring to life. Of course, I knew what my friend really meant: Why did I decide […]

  • it’s done! (where have you heard that before?)

    I am shipping Battle Scars to writer/editor Marie today.  The university’s closure with two(!!) snow days allowed me to tweak the opening of the novel one last time. I previously outlined all the work yet to be done, but I am shooting for an April launch. Plan to meet the young knight Henry de Grey. […]

  • Thursday’s Walk on the blog side…

    And we’re back in Cornwall this week for another incredible view. I know we’re supposed to be walking, but I could sit here and stare at this magnificent view forever. *sigh* BLOG HIGHLIGHTSKristine Kathryn Rusch talks about the incredibly unbelievable world of traditional publishing and royalty statements. Writers who are “lucky” enough to go traditional […]