• All we want is Family Peace

    All we want is Family Peace

    Huge announcement! Keeping the Family Peaceis now available at Amazon! I really hate the hard sell, so I won’t beat you over the head with it. It’s there. It was a lot of work, a fantastic journey with many friends – including my Thursday night writers group – encouraging me along the way. I’d love to […]

  • Coffee mugs & Family Peace teaser #5

    My kids* and friends who visit open my cabinets and gawk. Wow. Lots of coffee mugs. I like to have a souvenir from places I visit, so why not something useful? Mugs can be so much more than containers for coffee and tea. They are great for ice cream – hold the handle and your […]

  • Keeping the Family Peace – teaser #4

    Final revisions are humming along & truly, the end is near! Here’s another snippet from the novel. It’s Christmas time, 1995. Jack is the patriarch of the family Peace. Holidays are usually celebrated with the whole family, but not this year… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jack wondered if quiet holidays would be the new […]

  • Cover reveal for: Keeping the Family Peace

    Ladies & gentlemen, the time draws near! I’m working on the final revisions of my mainstream family drama novel, Keeping the Family Peace. Its initial release will be on  Amazon in December. Keep your eyes on my rambling here for that announcement. But today, I give you the book cover, created by Travis Pennington at […]

  • Thursday Walks & Family Peace teaser

    Happy Thanksgiving! The leftovers have been put away and the house is quiet. Chatted with S#1 and texted with DD; talked about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with S#2 – well, not really. He slept late, grabbed a bite to eat, jumped in his ’93 Dodge, and hit the road to visit his […]

  • Keeping the Family Peace tidbits

    I bet you’ve forgotten that Keeping the Family Peace still occupies a corner of my mind. Why would you remember? Lately, all I’ve talked about is Star Wars or the Third Crusade. We could just pretend that you’re on pins & needles waiting for my debut novel. How cool! How about a little teaser? Some […]

  • Thursday’s Walk on the Blog Side

    There’s nothing quite like walking around Stratford upon Avon. Sure, it’s a bit touristy. But that didn’t take away my fascination with William Shakespeare’s hometown. MY BLOG PICKS OF THE WEEK Joe Konrath at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing shared Konrath’s Sales, a fascinating look at his legacy and e-book sales over the last few […]

  • tonight they hear THE END

    I attend an (almost) weekly gathering of writers here in town. Cathy, Mark, and Marie have eagerly offered their critiques on the writing I’ve subjected them to, everything from Star Wars to historical fiction, poetry to drabbles, and my current endeavor, Keeping the Family Peace. For almost three years, I’ve heard words of encouragement that […]