things that come in the mail…

The time to squee is now. 🙂

the proof copy of my book

The proof of my book arrived in the mail! I did a quick check of it today and handed it over to friend Mary B. She’ll do a read-through to see if, during the adventure <insert major sarcasm here> of CreateSpace formatting, I created any typos, caused ellipses or em-dashes to wrap to the beginning of a new line, or accidentally wiped out a sentence or two. Fingers crossed. If all goes well, in another 10-14 days, Keeping the Family Peace will be available in print via Amazon.

I am giving up my regular Thursday Walks on the Blogside posting. I don’t think I’ve managed to ready a post for Thursdays in weeks. I haven’t noticed too much traffic linking out to the posts I’ve found informative, entertaining, or outrageous, but I’m going to continue to link to a few each Friday.

So on to the blog highlights:

Interesting figures reported: Amazon’s KDP Select Has Its Hooks In Me
I didn’t go KDP Select with my novel but after reading this, it sounds like I should do a bit more reading up on it. For non-writers, Select makes your published work an Amazon exclusive for 90 days, which means pulling it from all other distribution channels. I haven’t looked at my sales in the last 10 days, but prior to that, I can tell you that I’ve had 10 times the number of sales on Amazon as on B&N. So perhaps withholding B&N & Smashwords for 3 months isn’t such a big deal? Hey, writer friends, what’s your take on KDP Select?

A thought-provoking essay/review at Romance Novels for Feminists: The politics of M/M romance and Alex Beecroft’s BLESSED ISLE

How to Publish Your eBook from Word to Kindle in under Ten Minutes by Ed Ditto
Hm… Ed makes it sound easy but I bet it would take me a lot longer than 10 minutes, especially trying to figure out how to make and insert glorious chapter heads & scene breaks.

Speaking of which…

Jaye makes some excellent points and has some fantastic tips in Scene Breaks In Ebooks: Giving Readers A Clue. Jaye formatted my ebook and it looks spectacular. A question for readers: what bugs you about ebook formatting? What kind of scene breaks do you like?

* * *
or scene break

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday.

Thursday’s Walk on the blog side…

Where shall we wander this week? With last weekend’s wedding and craziness at work, I could use an ale. Join me in Nottingham!

 Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

I spent 3 weeks in Nottingham a couple of years ago. Had a few ales and a couple of meals at the Trip. (I highly recommend their sausage & mash.) Robin Hood himself served me an ale! He and the Lord Mayor, along with a few other officials and Private Derby, regimental ram of the Mercian Regiment, were part of a celebration to honor the Nottingham Freemen.


JW Manus is at it again! Another great post on ebook formatting: Boast Post: A New Way To Make Ebooks

A sad state of affairs. Amazon is removing reviews in what appears to be a very indiscriminate process: Et tu, Amazon…

C’mon – you know you want to be a writer! Admit it! Join the Coffin Hop 2012. Add a line to help create a story: And the story continues…

How many of your friends DON’T see your status updates?? Via Dangerous Minds, FACEBOOK: I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK

What have you been reading?