Echoes of the Storm

Revolution. Double agents.
Spaceships called crusaders.
Freedom fighters.
Mercenaries (er, businessmen).
Galactic unrest. Space battles.
Ground assaults. Secret passageways. Lots of explosions!


About Echoes of the Storm

Jack Gamble’s lover is a double agent. Norse betrayed the resistance and now commands the enemy’s military operations.

Jack’s contacts are scattered, maybe dead. When Jack flees his homeworld, mercenaries intercept his ship. Can he negotiate with Captain Ben Stone when his face is plastered across intergalactic streams by the enemy?

Jack knows Stone is attracted to him, but Norse’s betrayal has left him angry and hurting. He can’t get involved again, can he? He has a rebellion to fight and a world to take back.

Jack never wanted to be a hero. But he will do whatever it takes to rally the resistance’s allies, bring Norse down, and break the empire’s chains. He has to, or else his homeworld is screwed.

Norse already did that to him.

He won’t let it happen again.


NOTE: Some draft chapters of Echoes of the Storm are being posted weekly on Wattpad beginning late November 2019. Follow me there to receive notifications when a new chapter is available and feel free to comment & vote! Echoes will be published in print and for Kindle in summer 2020.