Echoes of the Storm

Revolution. Double agents.
Spaceships called crusaders.
Freedom fighters.
Mercenaries (er, businessmen).
Galactic unrest. Space battles.
Ground assaults. Secret passageways. Lots of explosions!

COMING JULY 26, 2020

About Echoes of the Storm

The battle for Torredo is over, but the war has just begun…

Jack Gamble’s lover is a double agent. Norse betrayed the resistance and now commands Galilei’s military operations.

Rallying what remains of the resistance and their galactic allies wasn’t part of Jack’s plans. His contacts are scattered, maybe dead. Streams are broadcasting his face from one end of the galaxy to the other, and mercenaries under the command of Captain Ben Stone intercept his ship.

Space pirates, friendly interrogators, security grunts, and Norse stand in Jack’s way. Can he trust Stone? The intriguing captain has his own problems with the empire – and an interest in Jack.

Jack isn’t looking for a one-night stand, and any emotional entanglements need to be off the radar. He has a rebellion to win and a world to take back. Failure means his people will never break the empire’s chains, and his homeworld is screwed.

Norse already did that to him.

He won’t let it happen again.

ECHOES OF THE STORM is an action-packed science fiction adventure with a gay protagonist, ace pilots, undercover spies, special forces teams, some wild battles, and a slow-burn romance. 


Cover image by tombud; Cover design by Joel of Blue X Entertainment.

NOTE: Some draft chapters of Echoes of the Storm are being posted weekly on Wattpad beginning late November 2019. Follow me there to receive notifications when a new chapter is available! Echoes will be available for pre-order at the discount price of 99c/99p July 12 for Kindle. Get it before the price goes up on July 26. The book will also be available in print (on Amazon), and at other online retailers like Kobo, Nook, & AppleBooks after July 26.