Star Wars

swtfte2Shades of Gray: from the Adventures of Alex Winger.” 2009, originally published as a web exclusive in the Hyperspace section (members only) of; Oct. 2012, made available by Penguin Random House and resided on Unbound Worlds until June/July 2019.

“A Certain Point of View.” Star Wars: Tales from the Empire (New York : Bantam, 1997).

The following short stories appeared in various issues of The Star Wars Adventure Journal (Honesdale, PA : West End Games, 1994-1997):

“A Glimmer of Hope.” also reprinted in The Best of the Star Wars Adventure Journal  (Honesdale, PA : West End Games, 1996).
“Whispers in the Dark.”
“Mission to Zila.”
“Shadows of Darkness.”
“Turning Point.”
“Rendezvous with Destiny.”
“A Certain Point of View.”
“Betrayal by Knight,” co-authored with Patricia A. Jackson.
“Crimson Bounty,” co-authored with Rich Handley.

One unpublished story, “The Contact,” a sequel to “Crimson Bounty” and co-authored with Rich Handley, lives on at the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline. Rich and I had submitted it to West End Games (WEG) and had a signed contract, but it got mired in the dust when WEG lost the Lucasfilm license to publish RPG materials.

*  Between 2004-2009, all these stories were republished on with the exception of  “Crimson Bounty.” Unfortunately, when was revamped in 2010-11, the short fiction disappeared.