Men of the Cross

They embarked on the Crusades as strangers.

They battled through as more than brothers-in-arms.

Men of the Cross (Battle Scars I)

March 1190. The idealistic young knight Henry de Grey joins Richard the Lionheart’s army to fight for God’s glory on the battlefield. But after he bloodies his sword and witnesses the slaughter of innocents, he struggles to justify the violent acts he’s committed.

Stephan I’Aigle would follow the king anywhere, even into the heart of enemy territory. Taking Henry under his wing, Stephan fears his growing attachment and burning passion could make him lose his fighting edge. Will opening up his heart destroy the knights’ friendship, or leave them both completely defenseless in the heat of battle?

Through months of brutal marches and political bickering, Henry finds comfort in the fearless resolve of the brash Stephan. But when his feelings of friendship grow into something more, he must put his old convictions through the gauntlet.

Awards & Accolades


“The author draws a vivid picture of the Third Crusade . . .  filled with excitement, passion, and plenty of action.”
–Professor Andrew Latham, author of The Holy Lance

“… a wide-sweeping historical novel, full of vivid detail, action and an intricate plot combined with an M/M romance with all the emotional tug-o-war needed.”
Mark at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

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