Works in Progress

Sci Fi/Space Opera

Echoes of the Storm

What happens when the leader of the underground turns out to be a double agent?

Jack Gamble is the nephew of the most powerful man on Torredo, but he is also a top operative for the resistance. Atticus “Tic” Ford wears the uniform of Corona – the enemy – but spies for the resistance. Ari Norse betrays them and wants both men dead. Jack and Tic will do whatever it takes to fight their way back, to rally the resistance, and to bring Norse and Corona down.

AUTHOR NOTE: Chapters of Echoes are being posted weekly on Wattpad beginning in late November 2019. Follow me there to receive notifications when a new chapter is available. Comment & vote on the draft chapters! Echoes will be published in print and for Kindle in summer 2020.


A Boy’s Life (Passages)

a short story* prequel to Men of the Cross
~~coming spring 2020~~
Allan a Dale is eight years old and living on the streets of London.

Rogue (working title)

This novel will take place 15-16 years after Swords of the King. King John has a civil war on his hands and the French have invaded England. In Sherwood Forest, Allan a Dale has been arrested for robbing the rich to give to the poor. Will Allan’s old friend Robin come rescue him? Will Robin have to make a deal with the devil, er King John, to save Allan’s neck from the noose? (Note from Char: I don’t expect to have the first draft of this manuscript completed until the end of 2020. Stay tuned!)

*The short stories will be Newsletter subscriber exclusives, and later available on Amazon.

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