Novel Conversations – Sir Stephan’s visit to Helen Hollick’s blog

I hope you aren’t missing the series of character interviews on Helen’s blog every Friday. Authors are always getting interviewed, but Helen, with the folks at IndieBRAG, had the brilliant idea to interview characters from novels. I was lucky enough to be invited – rather, Sir Stephan l’Aigle from my medieval novels was invited to Helen’s lovely Devonshire manor a couple of weeks ago.  

Go check out the interview with Stephan now!  


  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    This is great, Char! And much fun to read! May I put a link up on Pen in Hand and repost? See you Thursday. Cathy

    1. Char Avatar

      Hi Cathy – Delighted you enjoyed the interview! Please feel free to repost to Pen in Hand 🙂

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