Friday Photos – Journey to St. Ives

Writing and reading historical fiction is like travel. Fiction transports you to another place, and in the case of the historical, to another time. Vacations to a town just down the road or to a country thousands of miles away do the same thing.

st. ives cornwall

I wanted to see Cornwall from the moment I first read about it in the novel Penmarric by Susan Howatch.


I was in high school at the time, and Howatch’s vivid descriptions of 19th century Cornwall were the only ‘pictures’ I saw. This was way way back, pre-Internet days.


Years later, on my first trip to the United Kingdom in 2008, I finally made it to this lovely corner of southwest England. St. Ives is a very busy tourist town with hilly and narrow streets lined with cottages and shops – lots of local pottery, artwork, jewelry and more.


And the sea. . . Gorgeous views at every turn.


I have returned to Cornwall 5 times since my first visit. I hope to go again.


I will never tire of walking along the cliff paths. . .


or enjoying scones with Cornish clotted cream and jam. . .


or having cream tea at the Tate St. Ives. . .



9 thoughts on “Friday Photos – Journey to St. Ives

  1. We were there last year, just for a day during a mini-break to Cornwall. A delightful little town.

    I remember reading, and enjoying, Penmarric, many moons ago.

    That cream tea is making my mouth water!

    • I love wandering the streets and roaming in and out of the shops, just enjoying the scenery. It’s such a gorgeous place. And the tea and scones were fabulous.

    • London is a fabulous city, but I do love the English countryside. Cornwall is a 7 hour train ride west of London and so many people who visit the UK never get there, but it is an unforgettable experience. If you have a chance to go, take it!

    • April – I missed your comment back in August, so sorry for the late reply! St Ives is a popular destination, but maybe not for children, except for the beach experience. I enjoy browsing the artists’ shops, and to see the locally made pottery and jewelry, but the best part for me was the stunning scenery.

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