Excerpt and an update: Battle Scars II, For King and Country


Real life tends to get in the way of writing, of editing. I feel lucky to have talented author and editor Catherine Hedge combing through For King and Country. Cathy is on the last 50,000 words now. She did a lot of reading the last two weeks, which means I am now about 20 chapters behind her on edits!

I hope to be ordering proof copies around the 1st of March. By mid-month, the print will be in the hands of proof readers and I’ll be shipping the ebook formats to two others. After I have their feedback, I’ll update the manuscript for typos and formatting, cross my fingers and then hit “publish.”

Watch for my cover reveal later this month! I cannot wait to show it off. In the meantime, enjoy this short excerpt from For King and Country:

Henry and Bea escorted Amicia into the hall. The solar door closed with a groan behind them.

“Is he always like this?” Bea asked.

“Not always,” Amicia said quietly.

“Don’t lie.” The voice came from the landing at the top of the stairs.

Elle Weston. Henry drew in a breath. Elle was a more womanly version of the girl Alys had been at fourteen. Elle’s golden hair fell to her waist in two long plaits. She wore a leather jerkin that was custom fitted and showed her slender waist. Her gown was hitched up revealing boots that seemed more suited to a squire than to a lady.

Elle curtsied. “Forgive me, Sir Henry, Lady Beatrice. I’d been running the horses through their exercises in the yard when I heard you had arrived.” Her face beamed. “Blanc and Tal are from your stables, my lady. The finest of animals. Even my brother admits Cartholme has the best from London to York.”

“I was not aware he knew horses so well,” Bea said.

“He only repeats what I tell him.”

Amicia’s gaze flew towards the solar as if she expected Edric to rush out.

Elle trotted down the stairs. Alys had been meek and little-girlish when Henry had left for Outremer, so different from the mischievous and rebellious spirit he saw in Elle’s deep brown eyes. He was surprised that Edric had not found a wealthy match for her. Surely many had offered.


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Lincoln Castle By LysNanna (Own work). CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

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    The end is in sight! Looking forward to seeing your cover.

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      Yes, slowly but surely. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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