Come September – a Celebration at Greyton Manor, Lincolnshire, 1193

An update on For King and Country, Book II of Battle Scars

I have spent the last few weeks working on the opening chapters of For King and Country. Rearranging one event at the opening required a lot more fine-tuning of subsequent chapters than I had imagined. But I am making progress, closing in on the 30% mark of the novel. I still haven’t quite figured out how this book has managed to be almost 200 pages longer than Men of the Cross!

Summer is slipping away. While my editing is still back in May 1193, let me give you a small glimpse at Greyton in September 1193. Sir Henry should be looking forward to the harvest festival, but

Harvest came. Stephan did not.

September 29 is Michaelmas, a time to celebrate the successful harvest. There will be fattened goose and special-made bread, trestles overflowing with good food, wine and the best ale. Music and dancing will fill the night. Henry’s father, Lord Edward de Grey, has a big announcement to make at the feast…  No spoilers!

Image: “Peasants breaking bread”. Licensed under Public Domain via WikimediaCommons


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