random moments in a life…

I have a new roof! Here’s hoping the water leak from the chimney is a thing of the past. Next up: replacing warped flooring and checking for further damage inside the house. Oh the joys of homeownership.

My iPhone 4S died. RIP. Because I decided to get the blue 5C rather than the 5S, I had to wait 5 whole days(!!) to get the replacement phone.

I’ve watched Becket and re-watched The Lion in Winter in the last 10 days. I prefer Peter O’Toole’s Lion Henry II to his characterization in Becket. Katharine Hepburn’s Eleanor in Lion is magnificent. Both movies have some questionable interpretations of actual events and downright inaccurate history so as the saying goes: ‘don’t believe everything you see/hear.’

This should be a lesson for all of us watching television news, reading newspapers, or reading posts on social media sites. 🙂

I am working my way through the rough draft of Battle Scars II: For King and Country  and at the 54,000 word mark. The draft is currently 133,000 words. I’m wondering how much of it will hit the cutting room floor on the next round of edits. And to think I believed book 2 would be shorter than the 99K of book 1!

Several real life figures make brief appearances in book 2: Count John, Queen Eleanor. Richard will have a slightly larger role than his brother and his mother, but only makes his appearance at the end of the book. I name-drop other famous people (Marshal, Huntingdon, Murdac), most of whom are involved in one siege or another during the time period of the story (1193-1194). My research on English baronies in Lincolnshire led me to Bolingbroke, which was part of the estate of Ranulf, 6th Earl of Chester. Ranulf was born in the same year as my main character Henry de Grey. Was there any chance they might have met at boys? That appears highly unlikely, but Ranulf was at the siege of Windsor (spring 1193) and heavily involved in the siege at Nottingham in 1194. I do believe I will have several opportunities to place Ranulf with Henry and his friends.

Not mine, but rather a former boss who has written his memoirs. I was invited to the surprise party to celebrate “the end.” I saw 2 other former co-workers there – it was good to catch up – and met some of the boss’ close friends, including a retired medieval history professor! What fun.

Roasted edamame. Can you say yummy?

Every trip to my refrigerator makes me smile. Look at all the memories there. (There’s a second refrigerator in the garage covered with magnets, too.)

Have a great week my friends.

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