weather: past, present, and future

Sword & Shield by angelfire7508

I believe  everyone from the Great Plains and eastward has had enough of the bitter cold, snow, and freezing rain. Pictures of the terrible flooding in parts of the United Kingdom are frightening. None of my good friends are directly affected by the floods, but they are tired of steady rains and dreary skies.

Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of the tie between the world’s weather and the quote I’d chosen from Battle Scars for this week’s post until I started typing up this update. (Click on the pic for a bigger version.)

I hope these teasers lure you into the lives of Sir Henry and Sir Stephan. I’ll have more in the coming weeks as I push toward publication. You can also look forward to:

  • my cover reveal in the middle of March. YES! I have a cover!
  • publication of the author’s note here as a blog post with the obligatory mea culpa for any historical details I may have twisted, whether on purpose (i.e., poetic license) or inadvertently
  • a bit on the seeds of my version of the Robin Hood legend readers will discover in the novel

And more!

For now, let me finish up that author’s note and fine tune the blurb that I need for the book’s back cover, for Amazon and other online retailers’ sites. Have a great week. Stay warm and dry! I know I will. (More on that in a couple of weeks!)


Image credit: original artwork by angelfire7508.
Distributed under CC BY-SA3.0

  1. Jaime Avatar

    I hear you on the weather. We’ve gone from 8 inches of snow and ice into thunderstorms with the possibility of isolated tornadoes and somewhat Spring-like weather within a week. The ground is so saturated and muddy that it doesn’t really dry even when the sun shines and will flood even with the tiniest bit of rain. I’m over it. Totally. *sigh*

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