pen & paper – the return

A short post because I’ve probably been on the computer far too long today – i.e., Sunday, when I’m writing this post. My arm ached all day until about 9pm. The fingers are still numb but that’s minor compared to the arm. Hey, I’ll take whatever pain relief I get – longer doses preferable. 🙂

I was off to a  great start the first 7 days of March. I’d put the 1st draft of Battle Scars aside to let it rest. A sequel rumbled in my mind. I sketched out a dozen plot points and then wrote the opening chapters, about 7,200+ words. I’d planned to start revisions to the original that weekend of March 9/10, but life has a way of interrupting the best of plans.

No writing. No revisions. Nada. March 8 – 21 were hellish. My body decided to revolt against excessive computer use. Pain, tests, drugs. Diagnosis: neck vertebrae issues – discs, arthritis, stenosis. Not nearly as exciting as ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll’.

But I got back into the swing of things on March 22. I did have to resort to pen & paper. What a concept! I’ll fill you in my progress later this week.

What’s in store over the next few months:

  • revisions on Battle Scars
  • write a book blurb for the novel because the 2 sentences on my Works in Progress page just won’t do
  • start exploring cover art options
  • continue work on the sequel
  • voice dictation software
  • physical therapy
  • investigate giveaways on GoodReads to promote Keeping the Family Peace
  • see Niagara Falls
  • go to England
  • be pain-free!

I wish I could say April Fool’s, but I’ll just say Happy April 1!

4 thoughts on “pen & paper – the return

  1. Sorry to hear you’re still in pain. Like Kathryn says, I hope you’re soon pain free, or at least finding ways of managing it so you can get on with the important things in life!

    • Finding some ways but they are near as efficient. They’ll have to do for now. Monday was complicated by a sinus headache, which seemed to amplify the pain in my neck & upper back. Physical therapist did a nice massage that helped and I rested up today. Got my blog post done, spent about an hour working on revisions, and as soon as I reply to you, I’m off the computer for the night.

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