Vacation planning & blog highlights

It’s a great time to be thinking about summer. July, vacation, beaches. Doesn’t that sound grand? Forget about the 3 feet of snow in the northeast. Ignore the winds blowing on this cool winter day in Kansas.

I’m returning to one of my favorite places: St. Ives, Cornwall. And I get to explore it with two friends this time around so it will be triple the fun.

While I go surfing the web for things to do & see while we’re there – not that I don’t already have a laundry list for my friends – let me leave you with links to some of the cool blog posts I’ve been reading.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: How To Sell Ebooks

Writability: How to Use What Ifs While Revising

Crossing Deep River: Finishing a Novel | Pen In Hand

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Ryan Casey: Rewriting a Novel: Five Ways to Make It Less Painful

Let me close with a note I tweeted after receiving an email from a reader about Keeping the Family Peace: I was told that my next book needs fewer scenes that make you cry. Apparently, 3 bouts of crying is too much. 🙂

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