talking about the book… Tales of the Fiction House

by Raji Singh

A tidbit about the author: Raji has a brilliant imagination. Kids from from 3 to 90 will get whisked away into the worlds he creates and may not want to come back to reality. Discover this yourself as you follow the adventures of his colorful characters in his Tales.

The scene that made you laugh out loud or cheer:
Turt frees Captain Polly! He’s climbed atop her and she’s strafing the pirates! Go, Polly, go! Turt is trumpeting, blaring into their ears. It’s a fantastic scene that will have you cheering.

The place where you wanted to throw the book across the room:
There are any number of scenes with a character named Laza Bones Thibidioux. He’s mean, scary, and down right nasty. Do you remember scenes in a movie where you want to close your eyes, pull the blanket up over head? Well, Laza Bones does that to me.

A memorable line:
Charles Darwin (yes, of the HMS Beagle!) writes the tale of his first ‘meeting’ with Turt:

“Ah Turt. You will probably be around long after I have departed this world. The wonderful adventures you will have that never will I see.”

Then, Charles Darwin drifts to sleep and dreams of crossing the Atlantic, blissfully riding atop Turt’s shell. And Charles is naked, and loving it.

A quote from someone about the topic of the book:
“Imagine Mark Twain writing “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and you’ll be ready to fly with Raji Singh.” –a Goodreads reviewer

Raji is spinning more tales every week on his blog. Go visit him. Now. Drift away into a magical world. You won’t regret it.

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    What a delightful review! You caught the essence, Char. Thank you!

    1. Char Avatar

      You’re most welcome!

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