Thursday Walks…

views around Rancho MirageMost of us are still struggling to get through cold, snow, and flooding rains washing away roads (a nod to my friend Jaime in Kentucky – stay safe). So let’s walk through the flowers in this garden near Palm Springs, California, and dream of spring and warmer weather.


This will be a quickie post as I am still buried in the hell of Word .docs and CreateSpace formatting.

Read the latest tale of whimsy with Raji Singh’s magical characters… hear Efraim’s tall tales this week.

I have bookmarked this to re-read when I begin revisions on my crusades novel: from Janice Hardy, Time Marches On: Dealing With the Passage of Time Between Scenes.

Jody Hedlund writes about The BIG Question: What Should Fiction Writers Blog About?

And Catherine Hedge writes about a very inspirational writer/writing teacher Because I Have Something to Say.

What do YOU have to say?

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