Thursday’s Walk on the Blog Side…

In recognition of the big news about Disney buying Lucasfilm:

Look, Dad! We’re going to Disney!
*happy dance*
Photo I took at Celebration III

And episode 7 coming in 2015?!?!??! Whoa. This is every kid’s, er middle-aged Star Wars fan’s dream come true. (Well, most of my friends anyway… )  I’ll admit my mouth dropped open when I saw the first link from one of my SW friends. This is a joke, right? But no, there it was – a video of George talking about the decision, another of him signing the contract. Wow.

Can I say I am extremely excited about the possibilities? I’ve been a fan of Disney movies, theme parks, etc. etc. since I was a kid. It seems they continue to build on Walt Disney’s vision. Solid record, a huge number of successful films & ventures. Marvel. Pixar. Star Wars will be in good hands. Star Wars will be around for generations to come with Disney guiding the pack.

I am nervous about episode 7. I’ve come to love many of the novels and characters from the Expanded Universe. (I’d say that even if I hadn’t been lucky enough to contribute to that “history“.)  It doesn’t matter how many times we’d hear that only the movies were canon. The EU that Timothy Zahn opened up in 1991 with Heir to the Empire kept Star Wars alive – no, brought it back to life – for many fans. It will be tough to swallow if the EU is completely ignored. I hope Disney finds a way to bring the best of it to episodes 7, 8 & 9. Either way, I’ll be in the theatre to see those films and continue to celebrate with my fandom friends.

Now, on to the blog reading – though this week, I’m pointing to several stories or excerpts that you might want to read:

Is Genre Dying? – by Marcy Kennedy

Marie Loughin gives us an excerpt from “Valknut: The Binding,” a Norse-based dark urban fantasy

Just in time for Halloween, Marie has also just published the short story Hell Hole. It’s  free on Amazon! Plus, there’s a bonus story by Jaye Manus, The Devil His Due.

And don’t miss the latest installment at Tales of the Fiction House: A TALE OF A MARINER’S WAIL AND A CAT’S CROOK TAIL

Good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Jami Gold posted NaNo Prep: What Writing Tools Do You Use? Don’t miss all the tips & tricks mentioned in the comments to the post.

You’ll note that I’m not participating in NaNo. 50,000 words? In one month? Take me to the looney bin right now. My record is 29,000. I’d love to hit that again. 🙂

What about you? Are you participating in NaNo? Have you done it in the past? What’s your secret to being successful?

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Hey, is your surprise here maybe just a put-on? Really, the upcoming SW movies are about Alex Winger, aren’t they? And you signed onto a multi-picture deal for an 8-figure advance? 😉

    1. Char Avatar

      When you hear I’ve purchased my cottage in St. Ives you’ll know…

      (Don’t I wish!)

      Thanks for dropping by!

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