Thursday Walks & Family Peace teaser

It’s Thanksgiving. We aren’t on the menu.
Besides, that’s an American holiday and we’re Stonehenge sheep.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The leftovers have been put away and the house is quiet. Chatted with S#1 and texted with DD; talked about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with S#2 – well, not really. He slept late, grabbed a bite to eat, jumped in his ’93 Dodge, and hit the road to visit his girlfriend. I am most thankful I don’t have to think of rain, sleet, or icy roads today.

It’s getting close. Book cover reveal planned for Monday! I’m 1/3 through my final revisions. Can you guess what I’m doing on this wonderful 4 day weekend? No Black Friday for me. I’ll be chained to the computer.

And to whet your appetite, a snippet from the opening chapter…

Nick swallowed hard, an ache in the pit of his stomach. A balloon floated past his bedroom window and he was four again, wrapped in the warmth of his mother’s arms. He’d giggle as she tugged on the colorful ribbons tied to balloons that danced above his head. Still four, he was standing with his sisters and father at her funeral. There were balloons there, too. Seven brightly colored ones that painted the dull sea of white and khaki uniforms visible to him when he looked across the top of her casket. Ten years later, the images from that day remained as clear as a still life.

Nick stared at his hand. He remembered small fingers reaching for the comfort of his father’s touch and finding nothing but rejection. Jack Peace jerked his hand away. Nick had only been four, but God, how he remembered that moment at the funeral when his father pushed him away.

Whattya think? I still have to figure out all the formatting, buy an ISBN, and who knows what else. (Time to review Jaye’s ebook formatting posts!) I’ll keep you posted on the publication date.


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All right. Back to revisions. See you on Monday.

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