Sunrise & random thoughts…

clouds at sunrise

We had a gorgeous sunrise on Sunday morning. I headed out the door to my usual weekend writing spot and was met with this sight. I pulled out my camera phone as quickly as possible – this photo doesn’t do it justice. The clouds were sharp & distinct,  illuminated by the sun’s golden rays, the sky a beautiful blue. Took my breath away.

It’s funny trying to find something interesting to say today after the events of the last 2 weeks, including the devastating Hurricane Sandy. I had many friends and relatives in the path of the storm. My nephew & his family are still without power, but they and everyone else I know are safe. I hope your loved ones are safe, too.

My daughter left behind 7 of the guests gifts she made for her wedding reception. The tootsie roll minis inside them are calling to me.

I hate – no, that’s too harsh – I dislike the “fall back” thing. Actually, I’m not certain if I like it less than “spring forward”. Let me get back to you on that.

I get to read a love scene to my writers group (CPs) this week.

Did you know that before you get to the “happily ever after” (or “happy for now”) ending, you must have conflict that drives the lovers apart? Yeah, I know you knew that.

Writing the break up scene brought me to tears. I hope you feel the same way. That means I’ve done my job well.

Today I finished the “they-get-back-together” scene. Just about cried over that one, too.

I lied. On Saturday, I told my Facebook friends that I only had 2 chapters left to finish up this particular section of the novella. I’d barely begun working on the 2nd to last one today when I realized something was missing. I need to add another scene before the last two. *sigh*

I voted.

What! No more Star Wars Happy Meals?

I love Fall but thank the stars that I don’t have leaves to rake. Blankets of browns and golds are gorgeous (in someone else’s yard).  It’s one of the few benefits of living on former farmland – no trees!

Enough of my random thoughts. How do you feel reading love/sex scenes out loud to your critique partners? Have your children – presumably teenage or adult ones – read any of your sex scenes?

  1. Jadey Avatar

    I’ve never read any of my love scenes out loud to anyone but myself; I’m sure I’d be too embarassed to read my current fanfic out loud to anyone – even when I read it out loud to myself I kind of whisper it during “those scenes” *blushes*. My boys are a little young to read sex scenes and have no idea that mummy writes them from time to time, or that some of them are m/m. I password protect everything to make sure they don’t accidentally stumble across anything when they’re playing on my computer. Not sure I could handle the resulting awkward questions!

  2. Char Avatar

    Whisper, eh? Love it. 🙂 Though my love scenes are fairly tame, it’s still feels weird to read them to the CPs whether they are het or m/m. You won’t have to worry about your boys for a while! I warned my adult children about my m/m writing a couple of years ago. I figured they’d stumble across it some day anyway – better to let them know up front rather than have them shocked. :0

  3. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Well. I guess I’d better go to writers’ group Thursday.

    I want fall back every day. I’m just sayin’.

    1. Char Avatar

      We miss you at writers group. Will be glad when things calm down for you in December.

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