Thursday’s Walk on the Blog Side

Whoa… it’s Thursday again and the last week has been weird & wild!

I cleaned out (sort of) the closet in the guest room, anticipating company. I still need to run to the Goodwill Store and drop off the goods, preferably before I trip over them and fall flat on my you-know-what.

I caught some mysterious bug on Sunday afternoon & stayed home on Monday – I’ll spare you the details. Oh, I forgot to mention that a week ago Monday I was at the ER from 1-3:30am with son no. 2. He’s fine, thank goodness. I was worn out between being up way past my bedtime and the stress of imagining the worst.

Wedding prep is going smooth as a baby’s bottom. OMG! 16 days.

On Tuesday, I heard fantastic news via my former co-author, Rich Handley. Talk about lifting your spirits! 🙂

Revisions are coming along on Battle Scars. I added 2,000 or so words to the novella. Keeping the Family Peace is still with my editing team and my hope is I’ll have that in hand in early November to begin the final round of revisions. I can’t wait to show off the fabulous cover!

But enough of the mundane, right? Let’s go wandering through the woods and check out some cool blog posts!

Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire Peaks
photo by my friend Graham Stone, used under CC license


Not about writing, but about life. Read it. Now. The Mom Stays in the Picture. Make your spouse & children, your mom, dad, relatives, friends, & significant others read it. What a fabulous article by Allison Tate.

via @Janice_Hardy: Rules, Schmules: Don’t Follow the Rules, Tell a Great Story Thank you, Janice! An adverb now & then. A bit of tell, don’t show. “Story is what matters.”

These summaries, pt. 1 and pt. 2, of the Historical Novel Society Conference by literascribe makes me drool. I want to go! Anyone up for a trip next year? If I can publish Battle Scars by Fall 2013, I’d love to attend this conference and meet other (famous) writers writing historical fiction.

Still trying to make sense of Twitter? Check out the useful info here: Twitter for the Absolutely Terrified Newbie Author by The Book Designer. I think I’ve got the hang of it (see my taming the social media zoo post) but still debating it’s usefulness.

And another goodie from @KMWeiland: When Not to Show the Action.  I realized early on that my historical fiction novella could have a LOT of battle scenes, so I looked for a few to give my main characters’ unique perspectives to push the story forward. And Cathy from my critique group told the story of Leonard Bishop & his camera lens: zooming out of the character’s POV to get a more sweeping view of the action, panning, then moving back to the character.

Have you spotted any inspiring posts this week?


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