Thursday’s Walk on the Blog Side

There’s nothing quite like walking around Stratford upon Avon. Sure, it’s a bit touristy. But that didn’t take away my fascination with William Shakespeare’s hometown.

Hall’s Croft
home of Shakespeare’s daughter


Joe Konrath at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing shared Konrath’s Sales, a fascinating look at his legacy and e-book sales over the last few years.

I love J W Manus’ posts on e-book formatting. Check out Little Things Mean a Lot in Ebooks. If my novel doesn’t look cool on your e-reader, it will be because I missed something in Jaye’s great advice.

I couldn’t pass up a post with the title Family Sagas from Jerri Hines. After all, my upcoming novel, Keeping the Family Peace, follows a family over a 20+ year period. When she mentioned the Kent Family Chronicles and the Thorn Birds, I knew I needed to keep an eye on her. My current fascination is with the Frasers from the Outlander series.  Do you have a favorite family saga?

I just spotted this honors thesis from SIU: “Through the Eyes of a Crusader: An Intensive Study Into the Personal Involvement of Two Men in the Fourth Crusade”. This might be a useful reference source for my novella!

All right. Back to revisions. Writers group tonight.

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