Laboring through Labor Day

What I did on my Labor Day weekend:

  • finished the rough draft of part 2 of my crusades novella on Saturday. Can you say “rough”?
  • started revising the opening of part 2 this morning and scrapped several versions – back to the drawing board tomorrow
  • reviewed one of my nonfiction resources to get the timeline of the march from Acre toward Jerusalem straight – I know I have some clean up related to that as I revise
  • cooked chicken, southern-style green beans, and macaroni & cheese for visiting friends and family; did a google video call with S#1 in Florida
  • ordered a wedding gift for DD and her fiance 🙂
  • reviewed the wedding budget and the checklist of to-do items, discussed housing for out of town guests, and transportation issues
  • had DD pin up the hem of my dress for the wedding; now to find a seamstress!
  • did the usual household chores, which reminds me – the laundry needs to make its way to the dryer. (Why can’t I just wave a magic wand?)
  • listened to the rain and thunder, something we haven’t had enough of this summer

I’m looking forward to a 4 day work week. We should have more of those!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

  1. Marie Loughin Avatar

    Lots of labor on Labor Day! At least most of it was fun. Congrats on finishing part 2!

    1. Char Avatar

      Thanks! And the rewrite of the first scene is starting to come together. Might be ready for writers group on Thursday.

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