I thought I disappeared…but I’m back!

I started 5 blog posts in the last 2 weeks. Sadly, they sit unfinished, collecting dust. I went through a dry spell that started in early May, and last week I was determined to add something to this blog. I stared at those posts and said “yuck”. I tweeted that I was looking for inspiration for a post and included Kristen Lamb’s #MyWANA hashtag. I hit ‘add new’, hoping to start from scratch then decided to peruse a few of my favorite blogs to see what everyone else was writing about. (Don’t remind me I hadn’t kept up with the posts in my feed reader, as you’ll see as I point out items of interest spanning several weeks!)

TheBloggess.com was the one I’d scanned first, which is quite hilarious because I popped back over to Twitter again after I’d read several of Jenny’s posts, and there it was:

@KristenLambTX@charnewcomb Go read @TheBloggess Inspiring and always a great laugh. 12:56pm, Jun 24 from TweetDeck

Great minds think alike? (Don’t I wish I had Kristen’s & Jenny’s creativity!)

I did find the muse, and posted the GPS adventure. I’ll let you know in a week or so how that adventure pans out. Texas, here I come.

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