a humorous tale of pen names…

Will they notice? It’s just one of those things. I’m certain it happens every day, right? Honestly, I checked Amazon. I searched Google for the domain name, searched the name with quotes. I searched WorldCat. I’m a librarian by day. I know how to search. Even Neil Gaiman recognizes the awesomeness of librarians. (They may boot me out for this. Sigh.)

So how the #@%@! did I manage to miss just a plain-old-google search that turned up this?!?!?!searching for kate st. ives

I should have known to go beyond the first page of search results. Amazing what Google shows – check the difference in a search with quotes and without. *shakes head*

Well guess what? That’s just a bit too close for comfort. Nonetheless, I will keep my lovely graphic header, because as I said back in one of my original posts here, St. Ives is one of my favorite places on Earth. So I can look at my header longingly and enjoy it. I just won’t use it as a pen name for my mainstream fic.

So meet Kate Wesley. (Yes, there are other KW’s but they haven’t claimed the domain and don’t appear to be writers.) Wesley was Dad’s middle name. It’s been in the family for generations. I think it’s a great fit!

2 thoughts on “a humorous tale of pen names…

    • I laughed out loud when I spotted that (while groaning at the same time). And I’d forgotten Wesley in Princess Bride! I love him too!

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