snow dancin’…

“…we were dancing away our winter blues.”Arbitrary Sky

I really do love the winter. And snow.

I just ignore the growls of co-workers when I mention the “s” word. 😉

I mean, what’s worse than bitter cold? Bitter cold and no snow. If one must have cold, then there should be snow on the ground!

I grew up in northwest South Carolina where snowfalls weren’t rare, but having even an inch wasn’t always an annual event. When it did snow, a quarter inch of the white stuff would close down the town. No plows. No sand/salt trucks. No school for two days! My friends and I had a blast, and when new neighbors from Michigan moved in with their toboggan, the rest of thought we’d died and gone to heaven.

It takes a blizzard to close down anything here. There might be six inches of snow on the ground. The radio announcer is calling off one rural school district after another. But not ours. The roads in town are being cleared. School is in session. No sleeping in late. No sledding. That has to wait until after school. (I feel so bad for the kids!)

But…no blizzards this year. Very little snow to speak of.  It is only mid-February. I imagine we could still see a blizzard. I’ll try not to say that too loudly.

What are your favorite snow memories?

  1. Catherine Hedge Avatar

    I agree! But can we make the snow only fall prettily on the trees and non-walking, driving spaces?

    1. Char Avatar

      Sounds like a fine idea! I’ll put an order in for that. (Definitely better than tornados, right?)

  2. Marie Loughin Avatar

    I’m with you. There’s no point to winter cold if there is no snow.

    1. Char Avatar

      Here, here! Bring it on! Unfortunately, there’s none predicted here. Tornado watches to the north & west. In February. Geez! We have a chance of lightning & thunder & rain. I’ll take snow over tornados any day of the week.

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