I <3 libraries…

The internet is cool, ya’ know. Information galore on the web. Information overload.

22,300 results. Right.

But it’s still a great place to start research for historical fiction. Did you get that? Start research. But give me a library!! I can’t tell you how great it is to actually work at an academic library. Not only do I have 2+ million volumes to peruse, but I have authoritative databases to search that lead to articles on my given topic.

I came home with 4 books from my library on Friday.

I’m looking for a couple of details: the whereabouts of two historical figures (John & Eleanor) during Lent of 1193* when Prince John was in cahoots with King Philip of France to invade England.

All of this for one short story. All of this for a detail I probably won’t even use.  Why? Because I’m just that way.  Happy researching!


*Ignore the 1194 in the Google search; I realized after I’d already created the graphic that it should have been 1193.

  1. Marie Loughinm Avatar

    And this is why I don’t write historical fiction 😉 To each her own….

    1. Char Avatar

      I can easily get lost in history books… 🙂

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