the end is just the beginning…

The last ~4,000 words of my novel were well received at writers group last week. Satisfying, passionate, touching, emotional. Tied up all the loose ends. YES!

I don’t want you to think my writer friends just say glowing things because if all they did was squee then I wouldn’t grow as a writer. (Please, if I ever show signs of being a my-stuff-is-perfect-how-can-you-possibly-find-fault-with-it-snob then just smack me.)

I’ll need to work on a few things. I have to–oh, can’t tell you that. Hm. Highly appropriate to end at Christmas with references to–nope, can’t go there either. Okay, what can I tell you without giving too much away. Marie & Cathy feel a bit more drama is needed to close the Emma/Pete storyline. Must ‘punch it up’ with a sentence or two. (wink, wink). Need to watch repetitive words. Damn the adverbs.

Painless it was. Question is: will the revisions be painless? It’s exciting but a bit scary to think about. The writing was painful at times, wringing words from the heart. This novel touched areas I’d never explored. If writers group has been honest then I did capture the passion and the emotion I sought. They tell me I got better at it as the novel progressed. Confidence building 101 – woo-hoo!! Maybe, just maybe, I can believe them and other writers who tell me revisions are fun. The story is already down on paper, er, computer. Challenges await but I’m rolling up my sleeves and prepping myself to dive in.

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